Connect Camping Buena Vista Style

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No idea how we all fit.

This past weekend we motored down to Buena Vista for the second annual connect camping trip.  The crowd drawn was as large as last year, as was the amount of fun had and beer consumed.  The trip (from my perspective) started out Friday evening at Katie and David’s where the boys  were convinced that five people and all of the associated camping gear would fit into our tiny four door accord.  We somehow managed to all stuff in, girls (Katie, AL, and Miranda) in the back, piled to the chin with pillows and sleeping bags.  And we were off to the Arkansas River Valley!

After a two and a half our drive, we arrived at the camp site around 10pm, exploding out of the car and ready to set up our tents.  Three hours later and a few drinks and games in, my husband and Zambo decided to slink off to summit Mount Antero and catch a glimpse of the sunrise.

Ben and David on top of Mount Antero.

The following morning we all awoke to find Ben and Zambo heading back from the morning summit.  I somehow managed to convince Katie to buy 50% more food than we actually needed.  I think I over-estimated Zambo’s actual size.   After a delicious and filling breakfast of eggs, ham, fruit and bagels, the boys headed to bed as the rest of us started our day.  A full day of games to keep us entertained; badminton, camp trip, 21 questions, frisbee golf, four wheeling, hiking, and ladder golf, we took a final hike to the top of our nearby rock pile.

A beautiful view from the top of this pile of rocks.

We arrived back at camp to find the boys playing a highly competitive game of beer frisbee.

An afternoon spoons game.

As the day settled into evening, we all gathered around the camp fire to play several rounds of “Mafia”.  Our newest addition to the house of Ben and Al, aptly dubbed the ‘thong chair’, this awesome invention was a huge hit for its surprising comfort and structural integrity under even the greatest of weight.

The ‘Thong Chair’ from REI.

A timeout for Ben and Zambo to take another evening jaunt and throw the glow in the dark frisbees off our rock pile.

2am rolled around and the last remnants of the group hit the sack.  The next day a quick breakfast and an hour long pack job had us motoring back to Denver, a little dirty and a little bit fatter.  All in all a great trip with great friends, thanks gang!


2 thoughts on “Connect Camping Buena Vista Style

  1. LadderGolfFan

    Those photos are so beautiful. My wife and I used to go camping until the children came along. We’ve been getting inspiration from your photos and others to take up camping again.

    1. AL

      Thanks! I hope you get a chance to go again soon! And don’t forget to bring the ladder golf along with you. No reason to leave that at home.


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