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Since 1954, Snowsports Industries America has coordinated and hosted the largest outdoor retail trade show in North America.  This year, on the show’s 60th anniversary, Brian and I were lucky enough to work the Ski Logik booth for two days at the “off-snow” segment of the show. In addition to meeting many fellow ambassadors of Ski Logik, we got a good look at the new lineup that is to be rolled out in 2015.

As the company has grown along with demand, Ski Logik has moved its production to an island off the coast of China. However their skis are far from mass produced on a machine assembly line like many of their larger competitors. Dave Mazzarella, the owner and founder of Ski Logik, has always set his focus on making great skis that both ski great and look great. In doing so, he places an emphasis on high quality materials from all over the world and still to this day ensures that each ski is partially hand constructed, overseeing the entire operation himself.  Mazz’s wife, Mariella, designs 100% of the top sheet artwork, which to this day is still created using inlaid wood grain/color differentials to create the various images we see on these  beautiful skis.  With over 10 years of ski making experience and development, Mazz knows what he’s doing and continues to push the envelope to make his ski lineup as diverse as possible.

Retailers buzzing around the booth. Ski Logik makes good looking skis, and people tend to notice.

Aesthetics aside, what Brian and I have always been most impressed with is how well these skis perform. We have personally skied numerous ski models from different companies, large and small, both in-bounds and out, and can confidently say Ski Logik has been our favorite thus far. What we like about them: their weight to stability/durability ratio. Ski Logik’s lightweight cores utilize what Mazz has coined “Vector 8” technology (i.e. carbon fiber threads that spread out in 8 directions) resulting in increased torsional rigidity while keeping the weight down.

The sidewalls are constructed from some of the hardest, most durable wood found on Earth, and the top sheets are coated with a dampening solution, all of which combines to create an amazingly stable ride in all conditions without adding weight. The bases contain one of the highest concentrations of graphite found in any ski on the market today, which gives them a unique durability superior to most skis. Finally, the edges are crafted from high quality German steel and installed in each ski as a single piece of material (with just one discontinuity generally found somewhere near the tail of the ski) which reduces the likelihood of a blowout. All in all this translates into an incredibly stable, durable, and lightweight ski. Read more about Ski Logik’s technology here.

Left to right – The 2015 Rave, Chariot, Yeti, Piton, and a new edition to the lineup – the Adrenaline.

What’s new for 2015?  First off Mariella has created an all-new top sheet design lineup, some of which can be seen in the photo above.  Updated backcountry versions of the Chariot and Howitzer which utilize a nearly identical construction but weigh 700 grams less.  And last but not least, new additions to the lineup in the Ice Pick (a racing ski), the Goddess (a female version of the Howitzer), and the Adrenaline.  Brian and I are particularly excited for the Adrenaline, as at first glance it appears to be a nearly perfect inbounds/sidecountry ski (100mm waist, rockered, with a narrower tip/tail than the Chariot TT and a lighter construction to boot).  Unfortunately we were unable to attend the on-snow demo day, but hope to ski the Adrenaline soon.  When we do, we’ll include a full review here on Explore the Rockies.

All in all, we’re extremely happy with our Ski Logiks and implore you to give them a try someday.  You’re gonna like the way you ski!

2 thoughts on “Ski Logik at the SIA

  1. Alan

    Ski Logic does make some pretty awesome skis. I would love to try a set of Chariots myself. Even better, would love to have a set made for me as I can think of a couple pretty awesome designs for the top sheets. Looking forward to the review of the Adrenaline.

    1. Ben Post author

      Thanks for checking in, Alan! I could see you on Chariots for sure. The RL’s (rockered version) are probably better for the kind of skiing you’d be doing than the TT’s (twin tips). I believe they’re actually phasing out twin tips for both the Chariot and the Howitzer anyways. And yes, the Adrenaline looks sweet. Hoping to try it soon.

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