Sites We Like

We’ve absorbed a lot of info over the years from many websites which have helped us along in our outdoor pursuits, both with regards to staying safe and knowing where to go. Links and descriptions to some our favorite and most utilized websites can be found below.

Weather and Avalanche

CAIC – An invaluable resource for avalanche knowledge, current-state snowpack information, weather information, and accident history on avalanches in the state of Colorado. A must-read for anyone looking to venture into the backcountry between October and July.

OpenSnow – Accurate snow and weather forecasts for Colorado and many other states around the country. Initially updated only throughout the winter and spring months, OpenSnow now offers a summer hiking forecast for Colorado.

NOAA – Weather point forecasts and general information for just about any location in the US. Keep in mind the point forecasts are auto-generated by a computer algorithm and can be difficult to rely on at times for high peaks.

FOBP – Friends of Berthoud Pass’ website, offering information on Berthoud Pass, avalanche classes and resources, and conditions reports.

Hiking and Skiing Info/Forums – A Colorado staple, this site is run by Bill Middlebrook and hosts hands down the most extensive network of information on hiking, climbing, and skiing Colorado’s high peaks that exists on the Internet.

TGR – Teton Gravity Research. A mostly non-moderated site that contains thousands of trip reports and several different forums for gear and general skiing information. We’ve found many useful trip reports here over the years.

Summit Post – Loads of info and trip reports generated by users about mountains all over the world. SP also has tens of thousands of photos and route maps, mostly hiking and climbing based but some skiing info as well.

Front Range Skimo – An online guide complete with maps and photos for backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering routes in the Front Range. Includes a detailed area guide on Berthoud Pass.

List of John – More information and details on peaks and peak lists throughout the US than anyone could ever ask for. LOJ also has a hiking forum and many hikers keep tabs on their ascents and peak lists here.

Personal Sites and Blogs

Stan Wagon – A trip report archive for ski descents of many peaks in the Front, Gore, Tenmile, and Mosquito ranges of Colorado, including information on many first descents. – A site created by Crested Butte-based skiers Frank and Brittany Konsella, containing rip reports, gear reviews, and outdoor information on skiing and mountain biking in Colorado, and beyond.

7 Summits – Brandon and Kristine Chalk’s blog. Here you’ll find the story of them becoming the first married couple to climb the Seven Summits, as well as a wealth of information and trip reports on hiking, climbing, and skiing throughout the state of Colorado and elsewhere.

Stuck in the Rockies – Ted Mahon’s website with loads of trip reports on everything outdoor related from hiking to running, skiing to mountain biking, and more. – SarahT’s website containing lots of trip reports and excellent photographs of her hiking and climbing exploits throughout the world.

Ski the 14ers – The official site of Chris Davenport’s Ski the 14ers project, where you’ll find good information and stories about Chris skiing the 53 highest peaks in the state between 2006 and 2007.

Gear Info, Reviews, and How-to

Gear Institute – Expert reviews on all types of outdoor gear that are done in a fair, standardized, and unbiased manner. GI publishes lots of interesting articles related to gear and purchasing tips as well.

Wild Snow – Created by Lou Dawson, one of Colorado’s most well-known ski mountaineering pioneers and the first to ski all the 14ers. This site plays host to a wealth of information on gear and backcountry skiing how-to, in addition to the occasional trip report.

Ginger Runner – Loads of info on running footwear and accessories, with the meat of the site being a library of detailed Youtube reviews of varous running shoes.

Outdoor Gear Lab – A head-to-head style gear review and information website that uses a similar review process and reporting style as Gear Institute.

Other Stuff

CalTopo – A resource for creating and printing hiking maps, as well as accurate slope angle measurements for avalanche forecasting and skiing purposes.

CORSAR – Buy CORSAR cards online through this site.