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The Ripsaw Ridge of the Gore Range

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For a few years now the Ripsaw Ridge has been high on my list of must-do routes in the Gores. This iconic ridge run collects the ranked summits of C and G, in addition to several unranked sub-peaks between them. But even more important than all of that, the Ripsaw is “one hell of a ridge run” smack dab in the middle of one of my favorite areas in the state. With a fresh coat of snow falling in the Elk Range over the weekend, Rick, Steve, and I diverted our original plans for the day to a range we knew would be dry (thanks to our Gore guru friend, Mr. Chalk). Once we made this shift, it took all of two seconds to land on the Ripsaw as our new plan. Keep reading…

Starting Off Spring in the CC Rider

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The CC Rider on Peak C in the Gores had been in the back of Ben’s and my mind for a couple years now, obvious setback being the access. Earlier in the week we decided to send our old friend Elliot a quick text to see what his plans were. Oddly enough, he and his buddy “MVP” (Brian) had 2 sleds and were headed for C. Its not everyday where all you have to do is show up to a TH with 2 sleds at your disposal, so the decision was pretty simple. Read more…

The Spider and The Fly

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When I lived in Silverthorne for a year in 2010-11, I had the pleasure of having the Gores in my backyard – literally. My condo was located 100 yards from the Buffalo Mountain TH at 9,500 feet, so at the sight of any free time, I tried my best to take advantage. In the fall of 2010, myself and Mike were able to explore some regions of the central Gores. One of the better outings was the infamous 12er ridge scramble – Spider and Fly. Continue reading…