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Berthoud Season Opener

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Over the past several years we’ve been able to find decent early-season skiing in the high country by Thanksgiving. A slow start this year though had a lot of us waiting into December to head up for that first ski day (myself included). Well over the past ten days a series of storms finally dropped some real snow up high, so we decided to head up to Berthoud Pass and get our ski seasons rolling. Read more…

Spring Powder on Berthoud Pass

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The weekend before last Rick, Brian and I made the short drive up to Berthoud Pass after a series of spring storms dumped 20+ inches in the Front Range with minimal wind complications. What we found was some of the best skiing any of us had enjoyed all season – light, fluffy, non-wind affected spring pow. Every once in awhile that near-perfect combination of factors come into line and when they do, there’s quite simply no place I’d rather be than Berthoud Pass. This was one of those days. Keep reading…

A Deep Day at Berthoud

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After a lengthy bout of high pressure hanging over Colorado that left many of us wondering if this winter was going to be a dud, the snow finally started to fall. The northern mountains received a couple feet in as many days leading into last Sunday, so Brian and I decided to head up to Berthoud for a few hours of pass touring poppycock. What we found turned into one of the better ski days of the season for either of us thus far. Berthoud Pass is a relatively simple place that often gets a bad wrap from disgruntled Colorado locals. But hit on the right day with good terrain selection, it can be as good as any pass skiing in the state. Keep reading…