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Berthoud Pass and Coon Hill Powder

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This winter as been a fickle one so far, with seemingly higher-than-normal temps and dry weather persisting throughout most of the month of January. Whether it be that this winter is actually different from any number of past low-tide winters, or we’re just getting a late-start on things, remains to be seen. Despite what has unarguably been a below-average snow year thus far, we have managed to time the storms right for a few nice days of powder skiing nonetheless. Keep Reading…

Golden Bear the Interesting Way

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Suddenly the holidays arrived, and I realized I’d not been in the mountains since mid-October. It would feel like a sin with this crazy warm weather, except that’s just it: when each weekend has brought 60s and sunshine down in Denver, the bike’s siren call cancels out that of a thirteener with upper 30s and wind chill. Keep Reading…

Sawmill 27k

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Last weekend I headed up to Golden and participated in the first running of the Sawmill Trail Races in White Ranch Open Space Park. It was a fun way to get some exercise in December while we continue to wait for the actual ski season to begin. Put on by the Human Potential Running Series, the Sawmill had been held as a “Fat Ass” run for the previous few years (“fat ass” here meaning a more laid back “fun run” style of race). Keep Reading…

Golden Gate Dirty 30

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On June 3rd I ran in the 9th annual Golden Gate Dirty 30 trail race. It was my second “ultra” race and one I could definitely see going back to run again in the future. The event is so well executed thanks to a crew of awesome volunteers and one very dedicated race director, it’s tough not to view it as one of the premier 50k races in Colorado if not the country.


Truth be told the Dirty 30 was intended to be a tune-up race for my first 50 miler at the end of the month – the San Juan Solstice in Lake City. The Dirty 30 is a tough course and a perfect lead-in to a mountainous 50 miler like the SJS. Snaking up through the hills of Golden Gate Canyon State Park near Blackhawk, the course racks up 7,300 ft of elevation gain over the 32 mile distance. Keep reading…