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San Juan Solstice 50

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Probably my biggest single goal for the summer was to run my first 50 mile trail race. Well it didn’t take long (three days into the summer to be exact) to fulfill that goal at the San Juan Solstice 50 in Lake City. Though a complete whirlwind, it was one heck of a day out there.


After securing a spot in the lottery in January I began ramping up the miles and vert throughout the winter and into spring ski season. Then it was on to the Dirty 30 in early-June, which is perfectly placed in the calendar as a “training race” being exactly three weeks ahead of the San Juan Solstice. A few more big days in the hills after the Dirty 30, including a run of the Barr Trail on Pikes Peak (which somehow was my first time up that route), and I finally felt “ready” to give the SJS a go. Keep reading…

Cooper Creek Summits

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After a fitting finale to the ski season with a motley crew on Torreys’ Tuning Fork, it was officially time to switch into summer mode. I generally always welcome the transition with open arms, and this season was no different. While skiing peaks is without a doubt my favorite thing to do in the mountains, there’s something freeing about exchanging the plastic boots and heavy pack for a pair of comfy trail shoes and a light rucksack, and heading out for a day of unimpeded peak bagging under sunny summer skies. Read more…

San Juan Summertime and the Livin’s Easy

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Ben and I have been on a bit of a tear this summer. Blitzkrieg is a word often used to describe a few of our trips and while they have been nothing but excellent, it makes you appreciate a trip in which you are afforded the ability to get to your destination early, snag 1st dibs on a campsite, and enjoy perfect weather all weekend. “Stress-free” was thrown around a lot this past weekend and we savored every minute of it. Keep reading…

Labor Day Weekend Down South

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Labor Day weekend in the San Juans has become sort of a tradition over the years. The extra day, usually accompanied with decent weather, combine for a perfect time to bag some peaks. With a full year of long winter slogs, spring descents and summer ridge runs, your legs are finely tuned for long days, and the monsoon season is finally starting to calm down. For some, this is the culmination and final hoorah before hanging up the boots, for others, just another great weekend in the hills. Read more…