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Centennial Sunday – California’s West Ridge

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I get excited every time I visit the San Luis Valley. How could you not? It is a 122 mile long, 74 mile wide, vast high desert plain surrounded by mountains. And not just any mountains. To the west, the Sangres rise up like nowhere else in Colorado. Going from 8,000 to 14,000 feet in a matter of 2-3 of miles just never gets old. On every trip I am stunned by the relief off of the valley floor. The fact that most of the high peaks are as rugged as they come only adds to the appeal. Keep reading…

Sangres Six Pack: LB to EP, Plus 3

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I need to give Kiefer of 14ers.com the credit for coming up with this itinerary in a discussion last year. He couldn’t make it this year, but Ryan “Mountain Socialite” Marsters agreed to come along for the fun, and upped the ante by adjusting our schedule so we could accompany Andrew Hamilton for just a mile or two as he set out to try and break the speed record for the Fourteeners. (Ryan’s high school lacrosse coach is a friend of Hamilton’s.) Thanks to Ryan for his usual great company, for exercising restraint to allow me to lead some sections, and for some excellent photos – more than half in this report are his. Keep reading…

Sojourns in the Sangres

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Colorado simply never gets old. The more I get out there the more I realize how truly incredible our state is, and the more I’m left wondering what’s up next to explore. June, July, and August have been busy months for my wife and I, but amidst taking care of the never ending stream of life errands and embarking on a refreshing trip to Central America that I’m proud to say had absolutely nothing to do with mountains whatsoever, I was able to get out a few times and explore some new areas around our great state (new to me, that is). Keep reading…