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Summertime at Deluge Lake

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It had been far too long since David and I had gotten out together for a backpacking camp trip…two years ago we were backpacking in Patagonia and Spain, and I’m not sure I had been out “true-camping” since then! It was well past overdue and David organized a small weekend trip for us outside of Vail up to Deluge Lake in the Eagle’s Nest Wilderness. We left Saturday morning around 8:00 – made a few quick stops for camp food, getting a headlamp back from a friend, batteries for said headlamp, string for dem bears, and Subway sandwiches before making it to the trail head by 11:30. Keep reading…

A Night Out in Deluge: Grand Traverse Peak and Neighbors

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On Saturday the 22nd my Dad Tj, his friend Scott, Scott’s friend Rico, and I made our way to East Vail and started up the Gore Creek Trail carrying overnight packs. Our plan was to pack in, camp in the open meadows just below treeline, and climb Grand Traverse the next day. Though Grand Traverse is typically hiked in a day from the bottom, there were certainly advantages to a pack in for our group in particular. Read more…

The Gore Range Grand Traverse

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For our second trip into the Gore Range in as many weekends, Brian and I decided on tackling the traverse between North Traverse (13,041′) and Grand Traverse (13,079′) peaks. This classic ridge, better known as The Grand Traverse, lies at the head of the Vail Valley, and marks the dividing line between Eagle and Summit Counties. I lived in Vail for thirteen years growing up, and my Dad still resides there, so needless to say I have gazed up at these peaks many, many times. I was excited to finally check them out up close. Read more…