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Rio Grande Tour

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Joel, a friend I met through another friend, was visiting his parents in CO from his home in Switzerland, and wanted to chip away at the centennials during his stay. I convinced him to accompany me to get not only Rio Grande Pyramid, but also its less lofty neighbors outside of the top 100 or even 200 or 300, for that matter. Read more…

Elk Hunting at Church

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The Elks are the sort of mountains that must have inspired early mountaineers. Man has always had a need to get to the top of things, but the Elks are one of those places where you look up and can’t help but feel the call of the hills. For those early explorers venturing into the heart of Colorado, I imagine they saw the iconic peaks here and were inspired. Keep Reading…

Mt. Adams East Face Ski

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Mt. Adams (13,931 ft) is a high 13er that resides just north of Kit Carson in the Sangre de Cristo range. The mountain is comprised of four distinct, triangular faces which rise up from four different drainages to a single point. Its pyramidal profile makes it a striking peak from just about every angle. Being one of my favorites of all the “Centennial” 13ers, I was excited about the idea of revisiting Adams on skis. Ricardo and Bloomy were equally interested and agreed to a midweek adventure, which came to fruition this past Thursday. Keep reading…

A Weminuche Dozen, Part I: Jagged et al

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A couple years back Steve and I hatched a plan for a backpack into the Weminuche with the primary aim being to summit Jagged Mountain. Any idea of taking the train was dashed early on as neither of us really wanted to ride that thing again (it would have been my 5th time) and not long into the conversation we began talking about including other peaks to the northeast of Jagged which the train would have precluded. I had personally never been to Hunchback Pass or the Vallecito Creek drainage for that matter, and so an approach from the north via Beartown was thrown out there as an option and quickly became our primary access plan. Read more…