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Three Peaks, Three Lines in the Grays Group

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With spring winding down and summer on the doorstep, it seems that any time now rock climbing and hiking should start to take priority over skiing. But this season has featured some incredible snow totals and it’s hard to not continue taking advantage of it. Brian expressed interest in hitting something close to Denver with good bang for the buck, so naturally it didn’t take long for the classic snow routes on Grays and Torreys to enter the conversation. Keep reading…

Yellow, White, n’ Blue: Some Fall Kelso Fun

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As our weekend sojourn in Vail to admire the changing aspens and snow-capped Gores came to a close, Anna-Lisa and I decided we weren’t ready to return to the city just yet. Our friend David (Zambo) expressed some interest in Kelso Ridge, it being a short scramble route and relatively close to Denver. This idea also appealed to Anna-Lisa as, prior to this weekend, she was the only person in Colorado who hadn’t climbed Grays and Torreys. Keep reading…

Grays Peak Ski Descent

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With Stu down to 10 peaks left, Grays was next on the list. We decided to hit it on Saturday the 28th and it turned out to be another stellar day in the mountains. Ryan decided to join us, his first climb since getting HAPE on Aconcagua and stabbed in Mendoza, it was great to have him along and in good health. On top of that I decided to try and get a ski descent despite some avy concerns. Read more…