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Berthoud Pass and Coon Hill Powder

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This winter as been a fickle one so far, with seemingly higher-than-normal temps and dry weather persisting throughout most of the month of January. Whether it be that this winter is actually different from any number of past low-tide winters, or we’re just getting a late-start on things, remains to be seen. Despite what has unarguably been a below-average snow year thus far, we have managed to time the storms right for a few nice days of powder skiing nonetheless. Keep Reading…

Tour de Coon Hill and Local Beta

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With some uncertainty with mother nature, a more conservative option was chosen, both in distance and in slope moderation. A nice group of 6 joined in on this day meeting at the trailhead at the immediate west side of the Eisenhower around 8am. We literally drove through the westbound tunnel, slowed down and took our first right in to a plowed pull off. Keep reading…