The Gore Range: A Photo Tribute

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I compiled a bunch of pics from the Gores from over the years, broken down by drainages. Some kind of overlap, but I’m sure you guys can figure it out. Without further adieu…

Piney Lakes  

Aspen grove along trail around Piney Lake.

Corners as viewed from “Game Pass”.

Ben admiring Peak C from just west of Kneeknocker Pass.

Sweet view of Powell and Peak C along the Piney River Ranch Road.

A nice place for a fire somewhere deep in the heart of the Piney Lakes Valley.

Spider, Fly, and West Partner from along the trail to Kneeknocker Pass.

Ripsaw Ridge.

Peak E summit register.

Canoes tied up at Piney Lake. Photo by Ben.

Peak C as viewed from the Southeast.

Summit of Eagle’s Nest. Fantastic vantage point.

Central Gores

Peak X from Usable Pass.

An old mining cabin in Bighorn Creek. Photo by Ben.

The interior of the cabin, complete with furnishings from a different era. Photo by Ben.

Deluge Creek.

Ridge en route to Valhalla.

Valhalla from Deluge Trail.

Ridge to Valhalla with Snow Peak in the background.

Elusive Dora Lake.

Dora Lake at sunset.

Backcountry Essentials Kit.

Kate and a new friend on Valhalla’s summit.

“Casper Snowfield” on the northern slopes of Keller Mountain.

Peak Z Prime (aka Deion “Primetime” Sanders Peak).

A sea of rugged peaks.

Lush Pitkin Basin. Photo by Ben.

Ben with East Partner looming overhead.

Rick on the Partner Traverse.

Slate Lake Basin

Upper Slate Lake and Peak R and Q.

Slate Basin from Ute Pass.

Crossing a creek near Lower Slate Lake. Photo by Scot.

A cool waterfall along the Slate Creek trail.

Peak L – The Sentinel of the Gores.

Peak L viewed from the South.

Peak L from the West.

Peak L looking ominous coated in a fall dusting.

Peak L with Gore Thumb.

Peak L and South America Lake. Photo by Scot.

Scot and Peak L.

Mike and Scot past the knife edge en route to Peak L.

Camping spots just don’t get any better than this.

A gorgeous waterfall.


On the summit ridge of Peak Q.

Slate Group from Partner Traverse.

Mike thinking twice about climbing Pogo Pinnacle plastered with rime ice.

Yet another sweet waterfall along the trail.

Scramblers on Peak L’s knife edge. Photo by Scot.

Peak Q.

Peak Q again from Peak X.

Southern Gores

Ben dropping “The Drop”.

Ryan on East Thorne’s East Ridge.

Mike after reclimbing out of Demming’s Drop. Photo by Ben.

Zodiac Traverse from Willow Lake.

Crazy exposure on the ridge to “Rain Peak”. Photo by Ryan.

Skiing powder in “What Big Eyes You Have” Couloir. Photo by Ben.

The diverse North Face of Red, East Red and East East Red (Big Eyes can be seen in this photo).

7 thoughts on “The Gore Range: A Photo Tribute

  1. Dillon Sarnelli

    This is amazing, Brian! Take this rookie along on a trek thru this special place one of these days. I’ll pack in the Deviant… really nice blog work Ben and Brian! There’s a lot of fall ’13 reading material to catch up on in these posts…

    1. Brian Post author

      Dillon – done. No problem. I’ll take you up on that Deviant. I think Ben said he’d be putting up a Cottonwood write up soon.
      Thanks a lot for the comments and for checking out the site.


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