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Capitol Punishment

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We bring it on ourselves. Primarily resulting from the activities we partake in and the way we go about pursuing those activities. The idea was simple. Climb capitol in a day from the car going as light and fast as possible. Now I’m not talking Andrew Hamilton fast, but deliberate fast. At the last “first Friday” block party in Golden I mentioned this idea to Carl and he agreed it sounded like a fun day. The last time he climbed capitol without skis was like 8 years ago and he wanted to revisit the peak, he was in. We chose a couple weekends with some weather flexibility and a plan was set. Keep reading…

Heli-Skiing the Canadian Rockies

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When you think about it, skiing is kind of a ridiculous activity (as are most that don’t involve hunting, gathering, constructing a shelter, building a fire or running from saber tooth tigers). Add in a helicopter that flies you to the top of a mountain and it becomes the most ridiculously awesome activity on the planet. Ok, so maybe I embellished a little there, but it’s freak’n rad, and if you enjoying skiing or boarding in the least little bit I highly recommend you do it at least once in your life. Keep reading…

Review: Kastle TX97 Ski

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With the maniac trip report writers doing what they do best, (writing kick ass trip reports) I figured I might as well toss a gear review into the mix. And since ski season is JUST around the corner, a ski review is only fitting. So… we’ll be talking the Kastle TX97 (177cm length – 128x97x117mm with a 22m turning radius). But before we begin the review, a brief history of the company is in order. Kastle has been making skis since 1924 when Anton Kastle made his first pair in Austria (all ash construction). Several winter Olympians won gold medals using Kastle skis (3 gold’s in 1952 and 2 gold’s and 18 other medals in the 1956 olympics). Read more…