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Throwback to La Plata Peak in January

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Many of us in the hiking and climbing community knew of and/or shared a day in the hills with the late Jim DiNapoli (aka “Dancesatmoonrise”) during his time here on Earth. You could say he really made the rounds when it came to pursuing friendships forged from time in the mountains. Among many things, Jim was known for his uniquely colorful photos and creative articulation in documenting his mountain adventures. Keep reading…

La Plata North Face Ski Descent

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We skied La Plata Saturday and it ended up being a fairly grueling wrap-up of a good string of spring ski descents.  I am completely ready to hang up the skis for awhile and after Saturday, it seems there‘s not much of a choice.  Partners for this one ended up being Jon and Wes, two guys I‘ve skied with multiple times already this spring. Keep reading…

Ellingwood Ridge on Labor Day

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With Stu and Ryan free from obligations and the summer 14er season coming to a close, Labor day seemed like a great day for another classic; this time we picked Ellingwood Ridge on La Plata. The only apprehension we had was the weather forecast, which did not look particularly good sitting at a 60% chance of rain/snow. Keep reading…