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Antero & White – A Sawatch Winter

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Coming off of a spectacular fall climb of Isolation Peak, Ben, Brian, Dillon, and I decided to commit to a date around the holidays to get up something early in the winter season. As usual, trying to pick a group of peaks in the winter can be a hilariously complicated ordeal. It is our own fault, really. With snow levels low, the avy danger moderate, and our weather window appearing to be just about perfect Continue reading…

Connect Camping Buena Vista Style

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This past weekend we motored down to Buena Vista for the second annual connect camping trip.  The crowd drawn was as large as last year, as was the amount of fun had and beer consumed.  The trip (from my perspective) started out Friday evening at Katie and David’s where the boys  were convinced that five people and all of the associated camping gear would fit into our tiny four door accord.

14er Ski Season Begins: Mt. Antero Ski Descent

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After seeing a trip report on 14ers.com which told the story of new snow in the Southern Sawatch, Matt and I decided a trip down to Mt. Antero was in order.  This would end up being the first 14er ski descent of the 09/10 season for both of us.  Matt and I were more than ready to get back on the horse. Keep reading…