Mount of the Holy Cross Winter Summit

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Dates: Jan 3-5, 2010 (summit day Jan 4th)
Partners: Kiefer Thomas, Ryan Scollard, Stephanie Lynn, and Zion (canine)
Route: Standard route from the bottom of the Tigiwon Road
Numbers: 30 miles, 7,100′ RT

A short post about our early January Holy Cross trip.  In reality, I could never write it up as fluently or colorfully as Kiefer did so I’ll just let his words speak for this one…a link to his TR over at SummitPost:

…and a few photos:

The approach; nothing less than 8 miles of Tigiwon Road walking (Jan 3rd). Photo by Kiefer.

Aspens in the night (Jan 3rd). Photo by Kiefer.

Holy Cross in her winter coat (Jan 4th).

Ryan, Stephanie, and Zion on the North Ridge (Jan 4th).

Looking into the Holy Cross Wilderness from the North Ridge at sunset (Jan 4th).

Success! Holy Cross summit, 6:30pm (Jan 4th). Photo by Kiefer.

Leaving the Tigiwon Community house after an eventful night in the HCW (Jan 5th). Photo by Kiefer.

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