The 10 Steepest Runs at Copper Mountain

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As part of ETR’s Guide to Copper, we started to get curious about the steepest pitches on the hill. Truth be told, Copper doesn’t quite have the gnarly, pucker-inducing steeps like some of the other resorts in the state (e.g. A-Basin, Aspen Highlands, Crested Butte, Telluride, etc.). But what it may lack in absolute pitch, it tends to make up for in huge bowls and wide open, awesome alpine expanses. (We chronicled our top 5 favorite steep runs at Copper here).

Regardless, we tend to be huge data nerds (well, maybe it’s only a few of us). So, when Copper posted a treasure trove of interesting slope information in its 2011 master development plan, the data was just begging to be applied. And thus, are we able to list and rank the steepest runs at Copper.

Skiers tend to miss the mark wildly when it comes to slope angle, so it is fun and interesting to see objective data about the hill. Below you will find three tables. The first provides the steepest 10 runs by their maximum angle. The second takes the average pitch and sorts accordingly, for a different top 10. And the third table provides all sorts of other interesting data about the runs, which you can sort and play with for yourself.

Sourcing Notes:

  • All data was pulled from Copper’s 2011 Master Development Plan
  • All slope angles have been converted from grade to degrees using the original data
  • The data below is only for Copper’s black or harder runs


Copper Mountain's 10 Steepest Runs (By Maximum Angle)

Run NameMaximum Angle (Degrees)
1. So Fine40.36
2. Patrol Chute39.35
3. Schaeffer's39.35
4. Union Peak37.23
5. Highline37.23
6. Sawtooth37.23
7. Cornice Chute36.87
8. Freemont One36.50
9. Iron Mask36.50
10. Triple Zero36.13


Copper's Mountain's 10 Steepest Runs (by Average Angle)

Run NameAverage Angle (Degrees)
1. Freemont One
2. Pacific Cornice26.10
3. Looking Glass26.10
4. Cache Glades26.10
5. Slip Not25.64
6. So Fine25.17
7. Atlantic Cornice25.17
8. Calendar Chute25.17
9. Patrol Chute24.23
10. 17 Glade24.23
Note: Average angle is a tricky thing to define and calculate. i.e. When does a run actually end? However, for the purposes of this chart, we have simply used the official end points as defined by Copper itself.


Copper Mountain Run Data

The table below contains a data set for every black run (or harder) at Copper Mountain. This includes slope angle, vertical rise, elevation, and more. You can sort the data below or search for an individual run. Note that the top and bottom elevations were not provided for all runs.
RunAvg. DegreesMax DegreesTop Elev. (ft.)Bottom Elev. (ft.)Vertical Rise (ft.)Slope Length (ft.)Avg. Width (ft.)Slope Area (Acres)
Park Place21.3126.112,21411,8104041,12052913.6
Marvin Gardens23.7530.9612,28611,7635321,2962016.0
Calendar Chute25.1730.5412,27411,7834911,1701293.5
Patrol Chute24.2339.3512,34411,7935511,3702166.8
Cornice Chute23.7536.8712,31211,7965161,3122948.9
So Fine25.1740.3612,21911,7484701,12042611.0
Pacific Cornice26.134.9912,10111,7103919023106.4
Atlantic Cornice25.1732.2112,05111,6783738841974.0
Triple Zero23.2736.1312,01511,6393759703016.7
Double Zero23.2730.1111,98911,6413488923437.0
Drain Pipe19.2931.811,94311,6043381,0353498.3
Cabin Chute14.5726.5711,69510,5561,1394,47513814.2
Hodson's Cut17.2226.5711,64210,6301,0123,48714711.8
Spaulding Glades15.1122.29Not ProvidedNot Provided531207590343
Iron Mask19.836.5Not ProvidedNot Provided6601,96050122.5
Schaeffer's20.339.35Not ProvidedNot Provided7072,06257727.3
Bradley's Plunge20.8133.02Not ProvidedNot Provided7062,02354125.1
Six Shooter21.3121.3112,26011,8044561,23835810.9
Julie's Vision23.7525.6412,20011,6335681,63041815.6
Golden Crest21.828.8112,15011,5146351,72333413.2
Lillie G (lower)19.2930.5411,77011,1875831,80127811.5
The Nacho12.4120.81Not ProvidedNot Provided6743,1171,771126.7
The Taco21.3132.2112,25811,6006581,82696040.3
Freemont Five23.2734.2212,30411,4598452,17153626.7
Freemont Four21.834.9912,30411,3609442,56349829.3
Freemont Three22.7834.2212,33011,3021,0292,70044127.3
Freemont Two23.7532.2112,30611,1781,1282,80650732.7
Freemont One26.5736.512,20011,1951,0052,26284443.9
Union Peak22.2937.2312,27011,6476231,66867625.9
Buzzard's Alley23.7532.2112,20311,7094941,24868619.7
Little Trees20.330.1111,94311,6063369922014.6
Indian Ridge23.7535.3711,62711,4052225564055.2
Upper Enchanted Forest19.2928.81Not ProvidedNot Provided7102,1802,346117.5
Lower Enchanted Forest19.824.23Not ProvidedNot Provided3119101,25226.2
Ute Overlook23.7529.2511,63511,2164191,0371263.0
Slip Not25.6430.5411,69311,1725211,2101103.0
Looking Glass26.134.6111,67311,0985751,3151604.8
Gold Digger16.724.2311,87611,3804971,76125410.3
Coleman's Retreat14.0422.7812,11311,2069063,77027924.1
Far West17.2220.8112,28811,6746152,08546722.4
Union Meadows11.3121.8Not ProvidedNot Provided1,2316,3952,257331.4
17 glade24.2329.25Not ProvidedNot Provided5011,2241,03129.0
Cache Glades26.132.21Not ProvidedNot Provided4791,10157114.4
Sail Away Glade22.2927.02Not ProvidedNot Provided2837604547.9
Freefall Glade21.828.81Not ProvidedNot Provided8302,22835318.1
Black Bear Glade22.7831.38Not ProvidedNot Provided6691,83041017.2
Far East17.7429.2511,5119,7901,7215,72115420.2
Too Much17.7427.4711,5069,7891,7175,70415920.8
Triple Treat18.7825.1711,4869,8031,6835,30618923.1
Trebel Cliff17.7427.0210,3039,8015021,6601435.4
Rosi's Run18.2626.5710,8288,7581,0693,45726621.1
Ore Deal19.826.110,4689,7796892,0441908.9
Brennan's Grin16.727.0211,98111,2916912,4281246.9
Mine Dump18.2621.811,98611,3426442,0531185.5
Hallelujah Ridge11.8621.3112,29911,8674322,10026612.8

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Disclaimer: ETR’s Guide to Copper Mountain is an entirely subjective, unofficial guide to the mountain and is not officially associated with Copper in any way. All of the insights here are simply our opinions based on many runs down the hill. It goes without saying, but follow all resort rules, evaluate conditions as you go, and ski at your own risk. 
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